Laser welding

Fixing, connecting or applying with precision.

Alpha Laser

ALPHA LASER welding systems

We are an authorized partner in service and distribution of ALPHA-LASER GmbH.

LAfet -SM mobil

Laser wire feeder system LAfet®-SM mobile

Automatic wire feed system designing and producing by L & A Lasertechnik und Applikation GmbH.

Lasergravur und Laserbeschriftung

3D Laser marking and laser engraving

Filigree contours and markings on single or serial part.


QUALAS – Laser welding additives

QUALAS® is an own brand of the L & A Lasertechnik und Applikationen GmbH.

L & A Lasertechnik und Applikationen GmbH

Your Partner for “Lasermaterialbearbeitung in Industrie und Handwerk”.

Founded in the year 2000 as a two-person company, we have since gained years of experience in laser processing of materials. Whether it is process or product development, manufacturing joining technology for prototypes or series production, our employees are ready to help you with their comprehensive expertise.

Customers in sensor manufacturing, medical technology, machinery and plant engineering, tool and mold manufacturing, and precision engineering value the collaboration of L & A GmbH.

As the sales and service for ALPHA LASER GmbH for eastern Germany, the synergy between the laser system manufacturer and laser applications technology has stood the test of many years. This experience is also reflected in our product development.

Laser marking and engraving is used in 2D and 3D processes.

The advantages of laser welding

The laser welding process enables precise weld.

  • extremely thin welds possible without reworking
  • Heating of the workpiece localized
  • Joining of metals with different melting point possible
  • Machining of very thin workpieces possible
  • easily reproducible


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